Pirelli Art Projects

Mark Dickens and Pirelli
create unique artwork in Monza

Creating the artwork
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Five drivers were invited by Mark to 'Hand-roll' the Pirelli tyres over a ten metre sheet of heavy paper.

Mark Webber, Rubens Barrichello, Timo Glock, Kamui Kobayashi and Jarno Trulli all took part in this one off art collaboration.

The resulting artwork combines a number of overlapping prints from the tyres, beautiful decorative and abstract patterns and colours, showcasing the designs of the P Zero Blue Intermediate and P Zero Orange Wet tyres.

Dickens and Tronchetti

Pirelli art piece at the Blue Tree in Sao Paulo. Mark Dickens with Marco Maria Tronchetti, Pirelli F1™ Activation.

Pirelli Art Projects, F1 Fans Fest, downtown Austin, Texas

Mark Dickens and Pirelli invited by The Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas to create a new art piece in the downtown fans fest. This event took place during the GP weekend.

Local celebrities and fans were invited to roll inked tyres, also the Mayor of Austin, Lee Leffingwell came down to collaborate.'

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Austin art piece
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The Mayor collaborates
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