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2011 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

  • 2011 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix
  • 2011 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix
  • 2011 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix

2011 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix


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2011 Qantas Australian Grand Prix

This exquisite limited edition print features a number of stunning images of some key people in Formula One™ capturing special moments in F1™ history. 

This print show; Andrew Westacott- CEO Australian Grand Prix and Ronald Walker – Chairman of Australian Grand Prix writing their individual collaborations, Jack Brabham and Mark Webber standing side by side, Sebastian Vettel celebrating his moment of victory and all three drivers together on the podium. The print also includes the very special first-race driver photo which shows all the F1 drivers standing together holding the sign “Pray for Japan” showing solidarity, support and love for the country after the tsunami disaster. 

Mark Dickens made sure to represent the beautiful Australian culture by featuring intricate aboriginal design and incredible architectural images of Melbourne like the iconic Melbourne Theatre. Pieces of local fabric were also cleverly incorporated to create a unique border around the print. 

Finally, the anticipated moment of the Qantas plane with F1™ livery flying passed the circuit just before the first race of the 2011 season has been captured in the print. 

Edition of 150

Painting Presentation

The original painting was presented by F1™ driver Mark Webber and the former Premier of Victoria State Ted Baillieu, to Andrew Westacott, CEO Australian Grand Prix and Ronald Walker, Chairman Australian Grand Prix during the Melbourne Grand Prix race week, season 2012.


“Melbourne is the most far flung destination in F1, yet our city and our event remain close to the hearts of many Grand Prix people. They share the hallmarks that have made F1 a global success story: cosmopolitan culture, an international outlook and an enduring passion for motorsport. Over 50 years ago Albert Park echoed to the sounds of Maserati and Ferrari in the hands of men like Moss, Behra, Davison and Jones as Europe and Australia came together on the track. In our 21st Century, when F1 embraces the whole world, it is a privilege to lead the team that brought Melbourne and Grand Prix racing back together.” Andrew Westacott – CEO Australian Grand Prix Corporation 

“Without dreams there is no greatness.” Ronald Walker - Chairman Australian Grand Prix Corporation

“The Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix is one of Australia’s most exciting sporting events. Melbourne comes alive with the roar from the track and Qantas has enjoyed being part of this spectacular ever since its inception in Australia.” Alan Joyce - CEO QANTAS

“Formula One is the biggest sporting challenge in the world at its best to achieve success. That’s what makes Formula One the best and most challenging sport in the world.” Christian Horner -    Red Bull Racing Team Principal


1st Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), 2nd Lewis Hamilton (McLaren), 3rd Vitaly Petrov (Lotus)

Includes: Signed cover sheet with quote by Mr Bernie Ecclestone, your chosen Grand Prix print, 1 Mixed Media Montage print (F1 World #1)and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Both Giclee prints are on Somerset velvet paper 330gsm. Packaged in a Museum Archival Box.