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2011 Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada

  • 2011 Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada
  • 2011 Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada
  • 2011 Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada

2011 Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada


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2011 Formula 1 Grand Prix du Canada

This exquisite limited edition print features a number of stunning images that captured special moments and scenes in F1™ history. 

This print shows: Francois Dumontier – President Grand Prix du Canada, Gerald Tremblay – Mayor of Montreal and Nicole Menard - Minister of Tourism writing their individual collaborations, Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber celebrating on the podium with champagne, the busy Montreal grid during rain delay and a Mountie policeman proudly flying the Canadian flag.

Mark Dickens made sure to represent the interesting Canadian architecture by featuring incredible images of iconic Montreal landmarks including the Olympic Park Biodome, the Bonsecours Market Building and the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

 Pieces of local fabric from the city of Montreal were also cleverly incorporated to create a unique border around the print.

Edition of 150

Painting Presentation

The original painting was presented by a representative from Formula One™ Management to Francois Dumontier, President of Grand Prix du Canada, during the Montreal Grand Prix race week, season 2012. 


“When I entered Formula One, I didn’t know it was the Formula for success! Today it retains the Formula that I enjoy the most, the Formula that changed my life!” Francois Dumontier - President Grand Prix du Canada

Gerald Tremblay – Mayor of Montreal *Awaiting Translation

Nicole Menard - Minister of Tourism *Awaiting Translation


1st Jenson Button (McLaren), 2nd Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), 3rd Mark Webber (Red Bull)